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“We are a local boutique travel agency. We tailor trips as per our costumers’ needs. We don’t sell out-of-the-box packages but work with you and for you to make your trip one of a kind. Each trip is different. No trip is the same. Feel free to call us anytime to see how we can help you save time and money.”

Plan a Trip to Israel - It's What We Do.
We created Israel Gurus after having had guests from the US. 
The entire planning experience was frustrating. They had to deal with searching for reasonably priced flights and finding a reliable car rental service and were baffled by the wide variety of things to do in Israel. Instead of relaxing and enjoying all of the amazing experiences Israel has to offer, they were constantly dealing with the irritating technical details of the trip. They carried around papers and printed emails regarding the services and reservations they had made prior to their visit and called us from a basic cellphone they had rented for a ridiculous price back at home. “I wish I had a person that could arrange things for me locally, not some travel agent that lives in Chicago and tries to sell me a trip to Jerusalem but someone that knows the ins and outs of the place and can arrange a great trip for me!” At that moment, I promised them that the next time they come, we’ll do everything for them. We’ll book their flights, their hotels, and their car and even arrange cell service so that they could use their own phone.


If you wish to come and visit Israel as a group, big or small, we can help plan the perfect trip.

Take a bite out of our special culinary trip to Israel options.
To learn where and when to go, ask our experts and we will help you plan the best vacation ever. Need a tour guide as well? No problem! Just let us know
Let us create a trip to Israel that fits you perfectly, adjusting for physical limitations, time restraints, or extra participants.  
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